Take My Website Live

Please complete the following form in order to authorise the Shartech Support Team to take your website live. Note that websites will NOT BE TAKEN LIVE if full payment for the site development PLUS the first subscription payment (for those who require our Essentials or Titaniun Hosting) has not been received.
  • Please note that Shartech will generally not take your website live after 3pm Friday (EST or EDT in the summer months) or the day before an Australian public holiday.

    We place these restrictions for the following reasons:-

    1. Many of the resources required to deal with unforeseen issues are only available during business hours.
    2. Provision of sufficient time to submit your site to Google, verify and analytics facilities.
    3. Provision for collaboration (during business hours) with the ‘owners’ of email addresses designated as recipients for your website contact forms to assure online inquiries are delivered to the correct email address.