WordPress Self Hosting Essentials

Our hosting and support is not for everybody – however – we want your experience with a WordPress website development to be as good as it possibly can be and that means that we have to provide you with some information on the technical prerequisites for hosting your WordPress website.

It is your responsibility to ensure your hosting meets the requirements on this page. If we cannot develop your website on your host, transfer your website from our test server to your host or make it work due to the fact that your host does not support these requirements then we will not be held responsible and we will not refund your purchase price.

WordPress Server Basic Requirements

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

WordPress.com recommends Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do.

That said, we strongly encourage you to NOT install your WordPress website on a Windows Servers.

Beyond the Basics – More Requirements

Even if your host supports the above you might still face some challenges running WordPress, especially in a low cost hosting environment.

Your WordPress install will still require sufficient disc space, sufficient memory, it will require at least one MySQL database, FTP access, a control panel of some description in order that your site can be setup up correctly and support for the number of email accounts you require.

We strongly recommend the CPanel control panel is available with your hosting package. 

The security level on your server must be set such that WordPress is allowed to create its own directories and an unzipping function preferably pkzip MUST be available for the installation of your website.

Here are some additional requirements and recommended additional should haves for your hosting environment to ensure it operates correctly and allows you to take backups etc.

MySQL Version greater than or equal to 5.0
AddHandler in .htaccess host dependant
PHP Version greater than or equal to 5.2
PHP max_execution_time greater than or equal to 30 (seconds)
Zip Methods exec
PHP Register Globals disabled
PHP Magic Quotes GPC disabled
PHP Magic Quotes Runtime disabled
PHP Safe Mode disabled
Operating System Linux
PHP Memory Limit 128M or above – 256MB is strongly recommended
Minimum Disk Space 2GB
Minimum Bandwidth 1GB
MySQL Databases (Available for WordPress Install) 1
Sub-Domains (Available – this is not essential but recommended) 1