Which Mobile Website?

Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2014 Internet browsing from mobile devices will have a greater volume than that from desktop devices.

Some of those mobile devices will, of course be tablet devices, however, the vast majority will be mobile devices. Predominantly Smartphones.

What Do Mobile Internet Users Do?

They use social media.

They play games.

They search for, review and purchase products & services.

And, importantly, they make contact with potential suppliers.

According to eMarketer 33 percent of mobile users are looking to access local content relevant to their GPS positioned location.

If your website is not optimised to display on a mobile device you will likely miss out on that potential sale.

What Is Wrong With People Viewing and Using My Current Website On a Mobile Device?

The vast majority of websites are built for a desktop browser.

When shrunk to the size of a mobile handset they are commonly under half the width.

This is simply not usable for the average site visitor.

Additionally your current website has a lot of content that may be easy to download and read on a desktop computer.

No one is going to want for all this content to download and then to read it on a mobile device.

You mobile site must be optimised for people viewing it on a Smart Phone.

Your mobile website should allow them to tap a button or your phone number and immediately be able to call that number without re-keying it into their phone.

Your mobile website should provide optimised content and a short and compelling call to action.

Your mobile website should provide simple contact and location information – including directions – to help people call, email or visit your store.

What Is The Solution?

There are 2 solutions available;-

  1. Develop a separate mobile website
  2. Develop a Responsive Website which looks great across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones

Shartech & Mobile (Smartphone) Websites

Shartech understands mobile websites.

And being WordPress experts we are able to quickly build you a mobile site either on a new domain perhaps a .mobi domain, a sub-domain m.yourwebsite.com or even integrated into your existing WordPress CMS.

A mobile website is designed specifically for Smart Phones.

The design and content is specifically developed with a smaller smartphone screen in mind.

Functionality makes life easier for your site visitors such as tap to call and interactive maps and directions are also included.

When a vistor comes to your existing website it should recognise they are using a Smart Phone and re-direct them to the new Mobile website.

The technology to do this readily exists and you can benefit from it even if you have an existing website which you are not quite ready to update.

Whilst most, if not all small businesses, require a mobile website, some organisations may view their mobile site as a key component in their customer service or marketing strategy.

In such circumstances the business may require a mobile website that provides custom functionality tailored specifically to the business, its customers, staff and / or suppliers.

Shartech is a specialist developer of bespoke web solutions and can tailor a mobile website solution to meet your specific business needs.

This style of website is specifically optimised for a smartphone in the following areas;-

  1. The site is designed specifically for site visitors with a smaller screen. Navigation is clear and concise to allow for simple and quick use of your site.
  2. Items such as Tap to Call and interactive Maps and Directions are included to enhance the usability of the site on a smartphone
  3. The site is optimised for download speed to allow for poor network connectivity and bandwidth on mobile networks
  4. Re-directs for site visitors with a smartphone automatically send that visitor to your mobile site

Responsive Design

Some of you will have heard of Responsive Design and will be interested to find out more about this relatively new trend in web development / design.

Responsive design is building a “full size’ website so the site’s layout contracts and is re-ordered when viewed on a device (such as a Smartphone) with a smaller viewing window.

Not all websites are designed responsively. In fact, very, very few are as this is a very recent trend.

In theory any website that is developed could utilise responsive design, however, in reality Responsive design does not suit all website designs.

As always it comes down to the sort of business you have and what you need your website to achieve.

Responsive Design has the following benefits;-

  1. With a Responsive Design you only require a single website. This means you only have to add and change content on one website
  2. Having a single Responsive Website versus a Desktop website PLUS a Mobile website cuts down on your initial cost for development
  3. Cost of ownership over the life of the website is also reduced with a Responsive website

Responsive design is often an excellent choice for professional services businesses, bloggers, consultants and the like where the display of a good deal of background information is very helpful in promoting the business to the mobile site visitor.

As a WordPress web development specialist Shartech offers Responsive Design as an option for its clients.

APPs Vs Mobile Websites

APPS are very sexy

You can purchase Games, Calendars, Photos, Videos, Social Media, Work Tools, Reminders etc etc etc all for a couple of bucks.

So why not build an APP?

Ask yourself honestly – Who will download my APP and WHY?

Unless you have something that people really desire then the likely answer is probably your partner and / or your mum.

Also when you develop an APP you will need a different version for different platforms, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone etc….

Development costs for APPs are not inconsiderable & you have little or no ability to update it quickly to deal with new market opportunities.