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Shartech builds websites that look amazing, and convert

At Shartech we focus 100% on WordPress web development, hosting and support and therefore can provide you with a very high level of WordPress knowledge and experience applied to commercial website development and deployment.

With a background in Web Marketing we can also provide you with options and advice in related fields including SEO, Email Marketing, eCommerce, content creation and general web marketing in addition to developing your website.

  • WordPress is by far the industry leading Content Management System with over 50% of the global market. It is highly functional, flexible, simple to use, secure and reliable and provides the following benefits:

    With WordPress You are in Control – With a WordPress website you are in control. You can add content yourself simply and easily or ask our support team to add it for you.

    WordPress Provides Value for Money – Whilst price isn’t everything, for small business it is always a factor that has to be considered and here at Shartech with a WordPress website you will always get the best possible return for your investment

    WordPress is Simple to Use – If you can write an email or use Microsoft Word then you will be very comfortable with WordPress

    WordPress is Packed with Features – When you are creating content or promoting your products and services you need to be able to quickly and simply add text, images, video, audio, pdf attachments and more. WordPress makes adding these items a cinch.

    WordPress is Continually Enhanced – WordPress goes through a major upgrade cycle once or twice a year. Existing features are enhanced and new features are added to keep WordPress in its number one position in terms of market share.

    WordPress is Very Reliable - The WordPress CMS is extremely stable. Because of its incredible global popularity incidents are quickly identified, isolated and resolved and the WordPress community is always quick to contribute.

    With WordPress You Are Never Locked in to a Single Supplier - Just because you get a WordPress website developed by one company does not mean that you cannot get changes made by another. With WordPress you are not locked in to a proprietary system that you cannot escape. You have your freedom.

  • Shartech Delivers Quality Solutions – At Shartech we are WordPress experts – we use a Premium WordPress theme framework to construct a solid foundation that will remain rock solid through WordPress upgrades to come. The vast majority of the code in our sites is used by thousands of businesses globally identifying and eliminating potential problems before they become serious incidents.

    At Shartech We bend Over Backwards to Help – I like that theme but I want the background to be blue! No problems. Instead of a full width slideshow on the homepage I would like a video to the left and an opt-in form to the right! No problems. Can I have my logo in the centre and our phone number to the right? No problems. Can you add a contact form that uploads files. You guessed it…. no problems! All our themes are fully flexible. Just tell us what you want and we will try and fit it into the allocated development timeframe.

    At Shartech We Are Constantly Innovating  - At Shartech we are always adding new features to our sites whether they be enhancements from the wider WordPress community or features designed and developed here in our labs.

    Our Fast Delivery means You Are Up and Running Within Weeks – Send us all your content and your design changes and we will have your website ready within weeks.

    Shartech’s WordPress Sites are Designed for SEO – All Shartech sites are designed out of the box for superior on page Search Engine Optimisation. So whether you are a novice or a seasoned SEO expert you should be able to get that Googlebot sitting up and taking notice.

    Shartech Provides Simple and Superior Training – OK we know that WordPress is the best thing going and you will love it to but you need some help with some things. Every site we develop comes with training videos in your WordPress admin dashboard which show you how to do all things you need to do within your website. And if you want more all you have to do is tell us and we will add a new video for you.

    Shartech’s Support is Available & Reliable – Shartech has one big banana of an online help desk which is there to answer your queries or to make changes to your website so you do not need to. They are fast and efficient and you will always know what is going on with your development request.

    Shartech Includes Awesome Functionality with all its WordPress Websites – At Shartech we are forever buying this or that and adding it to our sites. We go nuts for Premium plugins to enhance the usability of your site and to make things simpler for you and your site visitors. And as we add them they are available to existing users to add to their websites as well. We currently include Gravity Forms, BackupBuddy, various premium sliders, Relavanssi Search and a host of others