Responsive Websites Display

Properly On All Devices


Clients become frustrated and leave websites that are not Responsive.


All Shartech websites incorporate state of the art responsive design methodologies and have been optimised to display and function properly irrespective of whether they are being viewed on a  desktop computer, tablet device or Smartphone.


Shartech websites monitor user device type, screen size and orientation, and dynamically restructure the content to optimise their viewing experience if changes are detected (such as a when a user rotates their tablet or Smartphone from portrait to landscape view).

The size of text, buttons etc. displayed on a responsive website typically is fixed and cannot be adjusted by the user, to ensure that site navigation is not impacted by display ‘zoom’ changes.

Your Current Website….Is It Responsive?

Responsive website design is a relatively new frontier that often proves difficult to conquer for the broad array device types available today.

If your current website was created prior to 2012, it is unlikely to be a proper Responsive website and should be tested to assure it’s compatibility with all devices and operating systems (both old & new).

If your current website content is too small to read on Smartphones without requiring re-sizing or scrolling it is probably not Responsive, and is probably aggravating that significant percentage of clients & potential clients which now elect to view your website using such devices.

Why Are Responsive Websites Desirable (and Necessary) ?

Clients will find it much easier and simpler to navigate your website if it Responsive, thus improving customer satisfaction levels whilst reducing the demands placed on support resources.

Having the latest ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Find Us’ functionality incorporated into your website will ensure that your clients can always successfully communicate with and find you, irrespective of the device they browse your website with.

According to the Pew Research Center ‘Internet & American Life Project’ published in 2013,  55% of the American mobile population owned a Smartphone, confirming the importance of adequately providing for this large user segment.

  • More than 50% of CMS (Content Management System) users across the globe favor WordPress, which guarantees a huge user and support base to leverage.
    WordPress  is a highly functional, flexible, simple to use, secure and reliable CMS that provides the following benefits;-

    WordPress provides easy control of your content – You (or your staff) can easily add to or modify the content on your website (or have our support team do this for you if you prefer).

    WordPress Represents Excellent Value for Money – Obviously price shouldn’t be the only consideration when deciding which CMS to incorporate into your new website, however a WordPress based solution enables Shartech to provide a much more cost effective solution that delivers the best possible return on investment for your small business.

    The WordPress Editor is Simple to Use – Editing WordPress content is similar to composing an email or creating a document with Microsoft Word.

    WordPress is Feature Packed – WordPress makes it easy to quickly add text, images, video, audio whilst you are creating your website page content to promote your business products & services.

    WordPress is Regularly Updated & Enhanced – WordPress undergoes a major upgrade once or twice a year to enhance existing features and new features to ensure it’s domination of the CMS market is maintained.

    WordPress is Extremely Reliable – WordPress is a mature and stable CMS is extremely stable with unmatched global popularity.
    Measures to strengthen WordPress against new security threats are quickly and effectively implemented thanks to the resolve and dedication of the WordPress community.

    WordPress Liberates You From Sole Supplier Arrangements – WordPress is a truly ‘open source’ CMS that helps you avoid becoming trapped in a Sole Supplier situation by a website provider that manages to lock you into the use of a proprietary system.

  • Shartech Provides Quality Solutions – The Shartech WordPress experts construct a solid foundation for your new website using a proven, premium WordPress theme framework designed to remain rock solid through all future WordPress upgrades.

    Leverage the solidarity of the many thousands of other businesses globally that have established confidence in this WordPress framework.

    Shartech Strives To Go The ‘Extra Mile’ – Our mission is to provide a website solution that satisfies all of your aesthetic and functional requirements within the agreed time-frame and understand that achieving this objective often necessitates several iterations.

    We will collaborate closely with you during the website development process to ensure that visual attributes (such as text font, background colour and logo design) and the integration of selected features (such as Product Sliders, Contact Forms & Videos) are optimised and harmonious.

    Shartech Constantly Innovates  – We are constantly adding new WordPress features and enhancements developed by our own team and the greater WordPress community that are designed to enhance website ‘User Experience’.

    Shartech Are Committed To Delivery On Time – Our team looks forward to working closely with you  and doing whatever is necessary to deliver a fabulous website that meets your requirements within the agreed time-frame.

    Shartech Delivers SEO Optimised WordPress Sites – The WordPress famework employed by Shartech provides superior Search Engine Optimisation performance.

    We will also assist with optimisation of your website content which helps to ‘turbo-charge this vital aspect of SEO optimisation.

    Shartech User Training Will Minimise Your Learning Curve – We encourage you to leverage our WordPress expertise fully by taking advantage of our training courses which available via online methods or ‘face to face’ personal training.
    Ensure that both you and your staff are properly equipped to administer your new website by completing a Shartech training today !

    You Can Depend Upon Shartech Support – Shartech understands that your website is a vital part of your business and has effective support mechanisms in place to ensure that all issues are resolved  to your satisfaction in a timely manner.

    We  are here to help !