Can Shartech Create My Content For Me ?

Select our Platinum Website Package and have our experienced editors take care of content creation for you.

Deciding to have our professional editing service take care of your content creation will free up your valuable time and ‘fast-track completion of your website.

We will collaborate with you to compile the business profile details necessary to produce the content to your satisfaction and then assure proper incorporation into your new website.

Which Payment Processors Do Shartech’s Online Store Solutions Support ?

Our Platinum Website Package includes a secure online store facility that supports PayPal Pro.
Shartech recommends the PayPal Pro payment processor as it doesn’t require customers to leave your site during the payment process. 

The online store facility included with our Gold Website package provides support for customer payment using the PayPal Standard payment processor.

Note that a Paypal Business Account is required to use the PayPal Standard  payment processor and PayPal  charges a monthly fee for maintaining a PayPal Pro merchant account.

Contact Shartech if you require further assistance or wish to use an alternate Payment Processor.

Will My New Website Accommodate All Of My Products ?

Our mission is to ensure that your new online store is set up to properly accommodate the product inventory you wish to offer for sale and that your products are presented in the most effective manner possible.

During our preliminary collaboration phase, we will work together to accurately establish the number of products in your online store inventory by compiling all of your product attributes and defining the array of products you wish to offer.

Once we have accurately determined the array of products that you wish to place in your online store, we will work together to decide the most effective approach for presenting them and discuss any website development cost implications (i.e. Should the Product count or complexity be excessive).

It is also relatively straightforward  to enter your product inventory yourself if you wish (we provide detailed tutorials to guide you).

You can also ask the Shartech Team add or update products to your online store using the hour of support time included with your Shartech Support Plan each month.

What Is The Maximum Filesize Permitted On Shartech Hosting ?

Shartech limits the size of single files stored on Shartech hosting to 5MB.

Files larger than 5MB slow down the Shartech servers that run your website/s when they are accessed.

Contact Shartech to discuss alternate strategies for storage of  larger files (i.e. Audio, Video, backups etc.).

Can Shartech assist with conversion and upload of videos to YouTube & Vimeo ?

Contact Shartech if you require assistance with conversion and uploading of video to your YouTube or Vimeo channel and/or embedding video in your Shartech website.

These video related works can either be incorporated into your initial website development proposal or performed later at low cost.

Note that Shartech will need to vet your video files to ascertain suitability and estimate the time involved..

Alternatively, performing this work yourself is a viable option using the excellent user interfaces provided by YouTube & Vimeo.

Can I store video files on my Shartech website ?

The storage of video files on any Shartech hosted website is not permitted.
Storing video files on your website can significantly impact response time and overall server performance.
Shartech instead recommends the storage of video files in repositories that are optimised for video storage and delivery such as YouTube, Vimeo or other Cloud-based alternatives.

How many images, slideshows, attachments, audio and videos will Shartech add during development ?

During development Shartech will add as many images, slideshows / sliders and attachments as can be uploaded and positioned on your site within your allocated website development hours. For a Shartech Premium website this is 40 hours. So if developing your website and adding all other content has come to a total of 30 hours then you have 10 hours remaining for this task.

How many pages and posts will Shartech create for me during the development of my website ?

During our initial collaboration exercise, together we will establish the optimum number of pages and posts to be placed on your new website and negotiate the provision of additional development time should your overall development time allocation need to be supplemented.

As a guide, the Shartech Platinum website package provides for an overall development time allowance of 40 hours.
Thus if developing your website and adding all other content would require a total of 30 hours, then approximately 10 hours of development time can be allocated to creation of pages & posts.

Also note that the aggregate of all content placed on your Shartech hosted website must not exceed our 1GB data storage limit.

Can Shartech guarantee that my new website rank on the first page of Google ‘Organic’ Search ?

Whilst it is not possible to guarantee that Google will rank your website on Page 1, our objective is to reach that ultimate accolade.

Shartech incorporates a diverse array of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) features designed to achieve the highest possible Google page ranking.

Consider purchasing a Shartech Ultimate SEO package if you want to turbo-charge your SEO and dominate your niche !

Why does my website look a look a little different when viewed with Internet Explorer ?

Shartech endeavors to ensure compatibility of its websites with all browsers and adheres to the latest web design standards.

Subtle visual differences are sometimes evident when websites are viewed using older versions of Internet Explorer (i.e. IE7 or IE8) as these browsers do not support all features of the CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheet Version 3) programming  that forms an integral part of most modern websites.

Shartech recommends that users migrate to a more recent version of Internet Explorer  (i.e. IE9 or higher) as Microsoft has discontinued support for older, obsolete Internet Explorer versions (i.e. IE8 or older).

Which web browsers and web browser versions do Shartech support?

In general, Shartech will support the currently released version of a web browser and 2 versions back. Shartech does not provide support for IE6 (Internet Explorer 6). This product is no longer supported by WordPress nor, in fact, even by Microsoft. You can look on our website to see which browsers and versions of browsers we do support.

How should I go about upgrading my WordPress plugins ?

It is usual for WordPress to display notifications (on your WordPress Admin Console) when an update is available for one of your plug-ins.

Please consult Shartech before proceeding with the update of any plug-in to confirm that the new plug-in version has already been tested by Shartech and is compatible with your website.

It is vital that you perform a successful back-up before attempting to update a plug-in and also be sure to that your site has been placed in ‘Maintenance Mode’ beforehand to minimise the impact of this process on website users.

Will Shartech perform WordPress upgrades and update my plugins ?

Shartech will upgrade your WordPress installation and your Shartech Certified WordPress plugins if you have a current Shartech Support Service subscription.

Shartech will not support your website if you have installed any plug-in upgrade that has not been certified by Shartech.
Also note that a charge may be incurred to ‘undo’ installation of a plug-in upgrade not certified by Shartech.

Shartech cannot perform WordPress upgrades or update WordPress plug-ins if your website is ‘self-hosted’ (i,e, Not hosted on Shartech servers).

Which WordPress Plugins are supported by Shartech ?

Shartech maintains a list of approved WordPress plugins and versions that are currently supported.

Contact Shartech if you wish to propose a new plug-in for approval testing.

Can Shartech provide support for my third party server?

Shartech cannot provide support for your ‘third party’ server (or any associated facilities such as email accounts, server backups etc.)  if you decide not to host your website on Shartech servers.
We recommend that you perform your due diligence before placing your website on any ‘third party’ server as the performance of your website will be largely dependent upon that server.
Contact Shartech if you would like us to help transfer your website from a ‘third party’ server to be hosted on Shartech servers.

Can Shartech provide an assurance that my new website will work on my existing hosting provider?

Shartech cannot guarantee that your website will always perform flawlessly if you elect to host it on a ‘third party’ server as our control and monitoring of those servers will always be limited.

The WordPress platform employed by Shartech websites requires the hosting server to satisfy specific minimum technical requirements and also provide for changes mandated by the regularly occurring WordPress upgrades.

We can provide some assistance if you have elected to host your Shartech website on ‘third party’ servers that feature cPanel access if you are willing to provide Shartech with cPanel log-in details.
Please contact Shartech to receive further details and the price for this service.

What are the initial payment arrangements for Shartech Support & Shartech Hosting ?

Shartech requires payment of your first Support Service or Hosting Service subscription before your website is permitted to ‘go live’.

Will Shartech manage the backups for my website ?

Shartech servers are systematically backed up in a manner that provides optimal user protection in the event of any unexpected data loss or corruption issue.

Shartech websites hosted on ‘Third Party’ servers must endeavor to assure that all website files, databases, server & email data are systematically backed up in a manner that provides optimal user protection in the event of any unexpected data loss or corruption issue.
Self-hosted clients are required to setup and manage their own backups.

Will Shartech backup my current website before it is transferred ?

If you are considering migrating your current website to another hosting provider, the most diligent strategy is to (successfully) restore a backup of your current website to an off-line server before attempting to decommission your current website or transfer it to new hosting.
This exercise verifies that the backup of your current website can actually be restored in an alternate hosting environment, whilst allowing your current website to continue functioning and serve as a ‘fall-back’ should any serious issue arise.

In order to carry out the above process, your current hosting provider need to provide you with a comprehensive backup of your website (including all website files, databases, email data and system data).

Unfortunately, Shartech cannot guarantee that it will be possible to restore a backup of your current website (obtained from your current hosting provider) or that it will function properly in an alternate hosting environment once restored.
Migration of just the website ‘transactional’ data to a new website is often a more viable proposition (should transfer of the entire website be judged nonviable).

Nevertheless, we can provide some assistance with backup of your current website if you have elected to host your Shartech website on ‘third party’ servers that feature cPanel access if you provide Shartech with cPanel ‘Admin’ log-in details.
Please contact Shartech to receive further details and a price for this service.

Will Shartech create my email accounts ?

Our mission is to ensure that your new website is set up with all of the email accounts required by your organisation during the development stage.

During our preliminary collaboration phase, we will work together to detail the email accounts that will be required and the user devices that staff will use to access them.

Note that it is relatively straightforward to enter new email accounts or change existing email accounts.

You can also ask the Shartech Team add or update products to your online store using the hour of support time included with your Shartech Support Plan each month.

Shartech can assist with administration of your email accounts if you elect to host your website on ‘Third Party’ hosting that provides cPanel access.
Contact Shartech for details of this service and its cost.

Will Shartech Create 301 Re-Directs on My Existing ‘Third Party’ Server?

Shartech can assist with the setup of ’301 Redirects’ if your existing ‘Third Party’ server provides cPanel access.
Contact Shartech for further details of this service and its cost.
Note: Provide us with a description of your website file/folder structure and any special redirection instructions.

Can Shartech Custom Crop and Resize Our Images for Us?

Shartech recognises how important it is to get the aesthetics of your website just right.
Your images play an important role in winning over your website visitors.

Cropping and editing images is a time consuming task that Shartech’s graphic designers can take care of for you.

They experienced professional that use the latest editing software to achieve outstanding results.

However, before forwarding the images you have selected for your sliders, galleries, website pages & products to us, we suggest that you first dedicate some time to cataloging & naming your images and noting where you would like each image to appear in a table (including any specific cropping or resizing that each image will require).
Forward your images & editing requirements to Shartech and we will provide a competitive price ASAP.

There of course many online editing tools that can be used to crop & resize images if you prefer.

Can Shartech keep our current website operational whilst our new website is being built ?

Shartech can definitely build your new website on an ‘off-line’ test server and then transfer it to a ‘live’ server once the new website has been viewed and approved.
A detailed assessment of your existing website and the new website needs to be performed to ensure a successful outcome.

Synchronising the ‘transactional’ data between your current site and the new Shartech site can be a more complex challenge (in applications where there is such a requirement).

Please contact Shartech to discuss this requirement.

Will Shartech Begin Development Works Prior to Payment?

Shartech will proceed with the development of your website once full payment has been received.

Notw that it is often necessary for us to expend considerable time & effort preparing a proposal for you to consider.

Shartech retains copyright and ownership of these works (i.e. Logo drafts, copy drafts etc.) until final payment has been received.
Fortunately, the some of this work can accelerate development of your website if you choose to proceed.

(Shartech Lite and Shartech Premium) or partial payment (Shartech Custom) in advance.

Does Shartech provide Invoices for products and services purchased ?

Shartech provides invoices as required by Australian statutory requirements.

Please contact us if you require alternate or additional receipts, invoices or other confirmation of sale documentation.

Does Shartech limit the amount of development time spent on my website ?

Our primary mission to complete the job on time and within budget.

Nevertheless, we do allocate and manage the development time spent on your works.
Our approach is to clearly and precisely define the nature of any works we propose to perform (rather work things out as work proceeds).

Please understand that significant, additional requirements proposed after the scope of works has been agreed (and paid for) will attract additional charges that must be settled before incorporation can begin.

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