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A Great Mobile Website Is Built For Your Site Visitors

Size matters, especially the screen size on a smartphone – A mobile screen is small. Every website should be designed for the most important person – your site visitor.

Mobile websites should load quickly – Mobile networks can be slow so make sure your mobile website has a minimum of “fat” and loads quickly.

Key information must be easily accessible - Your site visitor should be able to quickly locate important information on your website.

Smartphones have unique capabilities to help the site visitor – Tap to Call, Maps & Directions, Tap to Text etc to make it ever so simple for your site visitor.

Mobile Website Options

There are two mobile website types;-

  1. A separate Mobile Website installed on a sub-domain or a new domain
  2. A Responsive website which replaces your current “desktop computer browser” website, however, also looks great for mobile visitors

Your choice will depend upon the state of your current website, your budget and your operational requirements.

If you have an existing website that meets your requirements for site visitors using a Desktop computer to browse your site then you may decide to go with option 1 and add a separate mobile website on a sub-domain or on a new domain.

Alternatively, if you are looking to replace your existing “desktop computer browser” website then a new Responsive website may be a better option for you.

  • Mobile websites are commonly built for site visitors using a Smartphone to access the website.

    Code installed on your existing “desktop” website will identify a site visitor with a Smartphone and re-direct that visitor to the mobile website.

    The mobile website is usually installed on a sub-domain of your current web-hosting account or on a new domain that is related to the mobile site e.g.

    The separate mobile website is developed to load quickly and to provide simple clear functionality and usability for the site visitor.

    It commonly contains functionality such as click to call, interactive maps and directions, simple contact forms as well as a quick overview of your business and your products / services.

    A separate mobile website does not have to have all of the pages on your existing website – in fact on your mobile site you should focus on only providing the essential information your site visitors require.

  • Responsive design is a methodology of building websites so that they look great and are usable by site visitors on multiple viewing devices including desktop computers, tablet devices and Smartphones.

    Content on the website dynamically moves around, images / videos and sliders change their dimensions and modules are hidden or visible depending upon the size of the screen on the viewing device.

    Commonly text will stay the same size (or remain a retain size) and buttons and navigation on the site will also stay at a size that is usable by the site visitor.

    If you look at a non-responsive website on your smartphone you will see it is very small and not usable without scrolling and re-sizing.

    This is not a pleasant experience for your site visitor. A well developed Responsive website will not have this problem.

  • Mobile websites are commonly a lower cost alternative than Responsive websites.

    The development time to complete a mobile website is usually shorter.

    If you currently have a “desktop computer browser” website that you feel meets your needs then adding a separate mobile site may be the best solution for your business.

    As online marketing becomes a larger component in the overall marketing of every business, though, it makes sense to re-evaluate your existing website from the point of view of your site visitor.

    If that site is not meeting the requirements of your business – to generate sales or warm leads – then you may consider a single Responsive website development to cover Smartphones, Desktop Computers and Tablet devices.

    The biggest benefit for having a Responsive website is that you only have a single website to update. So anything you publish on your website is available to all site visitors no matter which device (desktop computer, tablet or Smartphone) that they are using.