WordPress Hosting

Consider these very important FACTS about your WordPress Website

WordPress is more complex than an old style “static website”. has, at it’s core, a MySQL database. It is not a simple case of just uploading your theme again if your WordPress site is damaged. You may have to restore the database. If you have no database backup then ALL THE CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE IS GONE – do you get REGULAR database backups with your current hosting provider ?

WordPress goes through regular updates. How will you know which is which and when to update? Some are small and can be left for a while, some are URGENT and fix security issues.

What if you upgrade your site and it dies on the spot because your host does not support the requisite versions of MySQL and PHP? WordPress also goes through major updates on average twice a year. Some of those updates will require your host to support more recent versions of PHP and MySQL. How will you know if they do or if they don’t support these things ?

What happens if you upgrade a plugin and the plugin no longer works as it did previously? EVEN WORSE – WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU UPGRADE A PLUGIN AND YOUR WEBSITE TURNS INTO A BLANK WHITE SCREEN – a standard PHP error display……..Your WordPress plugins are also regularly updated. Most times updating plugins is a no-brainer. Sometimes though a particular plugin update may not be stable.

Would you let your mates work on your new 7 Series BMW? At Shartech we use a WordPress theme framework. This has been acknowledged by WordPress inventor Matt Mullenweg as the best way to build WordPress solutions. If you get someone without the requisite WordPress experience to make changes they may not understand the theme framework and make changes that will be difficult and time consuming to repair.

These things can all happen – and they HAVE ALL HAPPENED…..